Parris Goebel helped to Free My Mynd

A couple quick questions.

How often do we get to see genius at work?

Who knew a 22 year old female from New Zealand would be the Queen of Hip Hop?

If you know about my love of dance and well, all things Hip-Hop, then you’ll know I’m picky when it comes to style, originality, precision, and most of all just getting in your groove and killing it. When you do these things correctly, you should get the praise you deserve. I’m not one to hand out praise too often because I’m pretty hard to please. I’ll go as far to say I’m jaded. I’m not ashamed, I’ve seen great things and I want to see better, not settle for second best. Some people even go as far as to call me a hater. Really? For having an opinion? I’m not phased by that.  I have an opinion, an honest opinion, and if I’ve seen something before, or see something that needs improvement—I’m going to tell you about it. Especially if you ask me why. I’m going to try to tell you even if you don’t though and it’s not out of disrespect, it’s about educating or trying to get you to look at something new or in a different light. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do for each other? g.

That is what hip-hop is all about right?  Outdoing your opponent, even if that opponent is yourself.  Hip-hop in all of its forms is a cultural phenomenon (or it was until it became watered down for the masses).  Hip-hop is about making the best out of what you got, while using that little bit to be the biggest and best (which we lost a lot of in the blingy, jiggy era).  

Parris Goebel of The Royal Family from New Zealand understands that and changed the game 2 days ago, yet again.  Yes, again.  Despite winning her fair share of medals at the olympics of hip hop, Hip Hop International which is held every summer in Las Vegas, it’s never enough for the young Kiwi.  That is what your love and passion should do, push you forward to break boundaries and change rules, while leaving your heart on the stage and that is what Parris does every time.

In an era of Youtube dance videos being released by dancers and crews worldwide daily, including Parris’s own; which have led the pack due to their charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent as well as being danced by her plethora of amazing crewmates, there seemed to be an era of staleness beginning now that the internet was literally being flooded with material.  Parris herself even tweeted.  She said, she used to go on Youtube to be inspired but that wasn’t the case anymore and she would look in other venues. In my personal opion, I agree.  It was just all starting to look the same, as many works, while creative, were unfinished, or posted in a hurry by any and everyone (that part is my opinion).  Some took offense to her remarks, but if you understand the logical progression of art, especially dance, and in this example—Hip Hop Dance, which is nothing less than a competition born in the streets of New York where youth in the 80’s battled a literal rhythmic war to to funky bass driven beats.  Why not give it all you got every time?  Leave it all on the floor.  

Since winning a third World Championship in Vegas in August of 2013, Parris spent time working on the next Step Up movie and contributing not only choreography, but also a role, which appears to be a larger part than any of her fans could have imagined by viewing the trailer.  She has also worked with J.Lo, a massive JPop artist from Japan, and been on So You Think You Can Dance Australia as a choreographer.  The other thing she has done is release photos, teasers in a sense of dancers she’d been working with, from old ReQuest Dance Crew members, one photo showed Parris with Kaili Bright fresh off of her tour with Justin Bieber along with LA dancer and ex-SYTYCD competitor Janelle Ginestra.  A  photo popped up with 3 other original ReQuest members and young 12 year old Kaelyn Harris from 8 Flavahz.  Wait, what are they doing together?  Wait, that looks really produced? What’s this for?  As each photo was posted to Instagram fans began to askl, “Where’s the Youtube clip for this?”  A tweet from Korea had Parris asking for lighting materials as she traveled with her new ReQuest members of the 2014 crew, who posted tons of teaser pics.  Where are the videos?

The question was answered finally, on April 11th, when Parris dropped a new video.  The video however; was a trailer.  A trailer, meaning another teaser.  A trailer, meaning, something bigger was coming.  A trailer, like they do for summer blockbusters.  She said we had to wait 9 days and on each other 9 horrendous, time-moving-slower-than-a-pop-and-locker-doing-the-robot-and-needing-an-oil-can, OH MY GOD RELEASE IS ALREADY, 9 days filled with fans sharing a daily post, 8 days with a pic of a new scene from the short film.  7 days, a full week, by now nearly every dancer in the crew and even those who had moved on to other places, though still a part of this royal FAMILY, were posting their own photo advertisements with lines like, “You Aren’t Ready!”  

(Pause: Yeah, I’m a fanboy.  I love amazing art and things that are groundbreaking, I get bored easy when things seem repeated or worse, WATERED DOWN.  This is what I love.)

April 20th, 2014.  Free Mynd is released on Vimeo.  
Produced by, edited, by, Chore,ographed, by, Dan,ced Bye, Styled BYE!  Comma, Comma, Comma, Yeah, BYE!!  

I’m not done yet, but DAMN!  I was tuned in immediately to this masterpiece BY Parris Goebel.  

Featuring music from Beyonce’s recent album, Parris takes the lyrics and makes them her own as she includes them in a story that beings at a red light, and takes us through dreams, a nightmare, loss, power, and most of all LOVE for what she does best.  For her it’s a girls world and she can be as big a player in the game as the boys.  The special guest appearances and styling, as well as video editing have forced me to call her the Hype Williams of Dance, the MIA of Dance, the Beyonce of Dance, the Missy Elliot of Dance…I’m done now, it’s your turn to watch. 

#FreeMynd is Parris Goebel’s Good Will Hunting. 

Free Mynd helped me to free my mind, in a time in my life where I am working on my own creative projects, this is a breath of fresh air that I feel I must share as it has inspired me to keep my flame going in hopes that I can inspire others by my own works.

Parris!! Thank you for being an inspiration to millions, but especially to myself.  You helped me to realize how much I loved dance and I’m more than just some freestyle battling 90’s rave kid.

This might be the most important video of 2014.  


-Michael Hoffman


Erykah Badulicious :) 


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